Football Radar


We produce estimates of future outcomes of football matches by using statistical data modelling – commonly referred to as odds compiling.

Our product is forecasts (odds) on football matches. Clients come to us because we compile the most accurate odds for matches in the major European leagues and tournaments.


Everything we do in our daily jobs is geared towards delivering the most accurate, precise estimates possible for the client. We are driven to challenge the status quo; to find new and unique ways to analyse football. We look beyond the obvious and traditional statistics, and take pride in seeing what others don’t.


We take an in-depth, statistical approach to football, using a blend of both quantitative and qualitative techniques to collect and analyse our data. We have created a comprehensive database, with stats on the matches of most European teams. This database is continuously updated when the teams play.

We also gather qualitative data on players and teams, and analyse this according to a certain framework.

Our statistical models distill this data into numbers that reflect the comparative strength of teams: the odds.

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